Beijing Sports University and other Chinese organizations to partner with BFN, as president visits China and Thailand.

The game of badminton in Nigeria has continued to receive a boost especially with the coming of current BFN Board under the leadership of Francis Orbih Esq. Latest of such development is coming from Beijing Sports University which agreed to send a badminton international coach Mr Zhou Zhihiu who is also a sports professor to Nigeria for an initial period of one to two months to coach Nigerian players and train our coaches, in addition to offer scholarships to Nigerian Badminton players who would want to study in the institute and play badminton.

Speaking with Journalists, President Badminton Federation of Nigeria Mr Francis Orbih who signed on behalf of BFN says it is expected that the initial period would be used to study the situation on ground to aid in the preparation of a comprehensive programme for Nigerian Badminton.

According to the agreement reached, players will attend training camp at the university while coaches will attend courses at the same institute.

Another break through by the BFN president’s visit to china is that the One belt and One road National financial operation has agreed to help with the process of funding of the construction of a badminton Gymnasium to accommodate at least ten courts, hostel, offices and shops etc while China-Africa Handicap International Alliance also agreed to support para-badminton in Nigeria.

Beijing Sports University also has secured a sponsor for the mixed doubles pair of Mr Eneojo Abah and Miss Peace Orji to attend the world championship in Nanjing China in July/August 2018.

Similarly discussion with Shandong Taishan Sports Equipment Company Limited for the sponsorship deal of the National team to attend internationals for a year is on top gear as Nigeria has been granted the hosting right in principle for the All Africa Senior Badminton championship in April 2019 by the events sub-committee of BCA pending the approval by the Executive Board of BCA.

From China the BFN president visited Thailand where he attended the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for both the Badminton World Federation (BWF) and the Badminton Confederation of Africa (BCA).

While in Thailand, election was conducted to fill the position of BCA President following the resignation of Justice Danlami Senchi due to his appointment as an Appeal Court Judge in Nigeria and Mr Micheal Bau of Seychelles emerged as New President of BCA.

The proposal to change the scoring system of the game of badminton from 3 sets of 21 points to 5 sets of 11 points did not see the light of the day when it was put to vote, therefore the current scoring system was retained.

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